homeopathic remedies for endometriosis

Natural Treatments for Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a painful disorder that affects many women during their childbearing years. It is characterized by uterine tissue- or endometrium- growing outside of your uterus. Typically, it … [Read more...]

Lupus Prognosis

Lupus Prognosis: Is it Fatal?

What is Lupus? Lupus is an autoimmune disease. This is a disease where the immune system begins to attack tissue that is normal and healthy. The symptoms that result are swelling and inflammation, … [Read more...]

homeopathic remedies for osteoarthritis

Naturally Treating the Pain of Osteoarthritis

The term arthritis is a general term that refers to inflammation of the joints. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. It is also known as wear and tear arthritis. It is characterized … [Read more...]

homeopathic remedies for menstrual cramps

Treating and Preventing Menstrual Cramps the Natural Way

The medical term for those painful cramps that occur either right before or even during your menstrual period is referred to as dysmenorrhea. There are two variations of dysmenorrhea: primary and … [Read more...]

ayurvedic treatment for anxiety

Does Ayurvedic treatment for anxiety really help?

Anxiety is a disorder that can be absolutely soul crushing. It isn't just an emotional feeling, but the symptoms affect every aspect of your life. Western medical treatment for anxiety can relieve … [Read more...]

ayurvedic treatment for fibromyalgia

What promise does Ayurvedic treatment for fibromyalgia hold?

Ayurvedic treatment for fibromyalgia relief can hold a lot of promise for those willing to follow all of the treatment recommendations. Ayurvedic medicine shares the same understanding as Western … [Read more...]

homeopathy for anxiety

Have No Fear: Treating Your Anxiety Naturally

Anxiety is a broad term that describes the disorders that cause feelings of apprehension, fear, nervousness, and worry. These disorders have an effect on our feelings and behaviors and can even … [Read more...]

How to Repair Nerve Damage

Can Nerve Damage Be Reversed?

You probably are already aware, but in case you’re not, your nervous system controls every single thing your body does. It regulates breathing, sense hot and cold, and even controls voluntary and i … [Read more...]

Controlling Bladder Spasms

Controlling Bladder Spasms

Chances are, at least once in your life, you have crossed your legs, hoping to make it to the closest restroom in time. However, there is a major different between really having to go and feeling like … [Read more...]

Tips for Choosing a Good Acupuncturist

12 Tips for Choosing a Good Acupuncturist

Choosing a good acupuncturist is one of the most important parts of your healing process. Many times, we will trust an “expert” better than we trust ourselves, especially where our health in con … [Read more...]